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Gillian Swift

Embroidery, as well as being a traditional skill, tends to attract people who are keen to adapt these traditional methods to suit the modern world, using very diverse materials, previously used in very different ways.

 I join with many other suppliers who try to help provide enthusiasts with the materials they need to create interesting and innovative pieces of work.

Leisure time is precious in an increasing frenetic world and we do not always have the time to locate the things we like to use. This is where we come in, to do the looking for you.

 If you are on a course, you may be required to cover certain techniques which you do not want to pursue afterwards I can provide small packs of some items to reduce the initial outlay.

I hope you will find them useful, it is often difficult to justify spending large amounts of money on materials for techniques you may only wish to use for your sample book, this way you can buy several smaller items for the same cost.

 If you donít see what you would like, please ask, as my stock changes from time to time but my stock list might not!

Mail order mainly but you may make home visits by prior appointment.


'If you wish to place an order please email or phone GILLSEW on 01494 881886










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