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Jennifer Gail shaded threads, which can be re-ordered by name and number .

 Threads of different weights and fibre content are dyed to the same formula, meaning the same colours can be used in a piece of work giving a textured effect.

Interesting effects are shown as the fibres take the dye in varying ways giving a wider colour range.

 1.80 a skein

Machine threads

King Tut 100% cotton shaded threads @ 6.75 a reel.
This 100% cotton thread can also be used for lace-making, crochet, quilting and smocking.

Madeira classic 30 & Madeira classic 40. 4.00 cop (800/1000m)
Both viscose rayon which gives a lovely sheen. Can be used on all sewing machines, but some adjustments may be needed. Practise will dictate how to use these.

There are shaded colours in the 40 weight,on the 1000m cop @6.50.

FS2/2 no 20 8.00 a cop(1000)m.

A very popular thread with machine embroiderers as it works easily on most machines. It comprises a black core twisted with a coloured metallic thread.

Other Madeira threads can be ordered at any time.

Hand embroidery needles

A variety of John James pebbles including:
Sharps, beading, embroidery, darners, household quilting, chenille, tapestry and knitters.

2.00 each




Machine Needles

A selection of good quality machine needles from Madeira.

2.50 a pack


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