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Indian Printing Blocks

They are all beautifully carved in hardwood, and can be a decorative feature in themselves when displayed in a basket.
However the uses of these blocks are endless, printing on paper or fabric.
Transfer prints will reverse the design.
Discharge paste, print with the paste and discharge the colour.
Devore, remove the pile or surface of the fabric.
Foiling, the glue can be printed with a block and foiled later.
Xpandaprint, the paste can be printed with a block and then expanded, with an iron or heat gun.
Softsculpt, after heating with an iron, impress firmly with the block, these could be used to make jewellery or give a positive, negative effect when in turn printed.
The block can be used to emboss a design on velvet, ironing the damp cloth over a block from the reverse of the fabric.
The design could be scanned into a computer sewing machine and embroidered


 These are just a few of the designs I have. I get new ones often.




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