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Fabrics for modelling

Kunin Felt 1 a piece approx 22 X 30cms with a wide range of colours

You can go GREEN whichever colour Kunin felt you use!
This felt is made from recycled plastic bottles, by a similar process
used to make the fleece jackets we all like so much.
Because it is a synthetic product it will melt when heat from a heat
gun is applied, giving interesting effects, especially if the felt is
previously stitched with a thread which will withstand the heat. The
Madeira FS range is ideal. The sample (by Carol Green) was stitched
using the built in stitches in the sewing machine, then zapped with a
heat gun, melting the fabric in a pleasing way.
Make sure you recycle all your plastic bottles

Modelling Muslin 117cms wide @ 10.00

metre or 2.50 Quarter metre

Again this can be sprayed lightly then moulded to shape. The fabric can
be painted, stitched into before damping and moulding.





Modelling felt 90 cms wide 20 metre, smaller piece to try @ 4.00

Can be painted then sprayed lightly with water and moulded to shape. Holes can be made using a soldering iron, before or after moulding, if desired. Any stitching should be done before moulding

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